The once caged man is now covered in white scales. His teeth are sharp fangs, curved slightly in a smirk. The bottom half of his face juts outward sli...htly, like a snout. His ears are gone, replaced by tiny, unnoticeable holes in the same spots. His hair is gone as well, replaced by a crown of spikes that makes a row down the middle of his head. In fact, there are three rows. The middle one is larger than the other two. The man has also grown a thick tail out of his back. It curls and uncurls. I put all my strength into fucking her as hard as I could and quickly had 6" in, as I continued going in, I began to hear her tearing, and she started to scream like I'd never heard her before. "Please, please take it out you ripping my insides up." She cried. "Bitch, I'ma fuck your ass till I cum, then your gonna suck me clean, now shut the fuck up!" I yelled at her as I slapped her, I was tiring of her begging. I finally bottomed out, then I began to fuck her ass like I did her pussy,. That's got to be the Eve we heard. If so, she's a real looker! Go ahead, Bill. Defend yourself." WR4L here. I have no defense. I'm sitting between two beautiful women and one of them is my beloved Eve. Carry on. WR4L"That started some real comments being passed around. Charles came on, called for any other check-ins and then turned it over to my call saying, "WR4L, let's hear Eve again. K4GK."I grinned and was nodding toward Eve. She took the mike and said, "K4GK from Eve with WR4L as control. Her mind reeled as she realized just what was happening n gasped as she felt his cock plunge deep into virgin territory. He grabbed her shoulders n rocked his cock in n out of her tight asshole again n again. Sharon’s hand flew down to her pussy where she plunged it deep inside her extremely wet pussy. The young stranger fucked her ass harder as she gripped the edge of the bench n took the young man’s cock deeper n deeper into her bowels. His cock was a blur as it went in n out of Sharon’s.

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