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I'd much rather take my chances with a man like you, a man my daughter knows. My guess is, you're afraid I'll become clinging. Let me say, that if we do make love, or share any intimacy, even simply you watching me undress and parade around naked, I will consider it a favor you give me, and never an obligation you owe me. I'm realistic enough and honest enough to know that a woman my age isn't “giving it away”, that a man willing to share pleasure with her is doing her a. She was so turned on. She came immediately, groaning with the release of an orgasm that is different and deep from someone new. My breathing had become harder and shortened, I was so turned on. The other guy had stripped off and had his long thin dick offered in front of her mouth. Would she take it? I was watching and had stripped, pulling my trunks down and I was like an iron bar. She did take it and the guy now had his dick being sucked noisily in her wet mouth, and the other guy, who had. We both had huge smiles.I believe her mom thought it was going to be a hell-bent-for-leather race. It was not. We were enjoying the swim. By the time were a fourth of the way across her mom drove back to camp.When we arrived at the other side of the lake, Rachel got out of the water first. That way she could say that she had beat me even though we never raced. We stood on the rock and I just stared at the beautiful Goddess before me. The water was quite cool as it was still early in the summer. By seeing the conviction in her voice, I get back and started to retire in utter shame. I stopped and in a very shaky voice I pleaded for forgiveness and begged not to tell anything about this to the father. I vowed her not to repeat such things again. Tears were rolling on my cheek.I was in complete shame and was totally shattered. I decided to leave for my grandmother’s place very early next morning which is about 15 km from our farm house. It was 5 o’clock in the morning. Very silently I get.

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