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" Yes, I guess it is." Do I get an explanation?" Of what?" When you told me that you were fucking Mary's son and not my best friend you made it sound ...ike there was a purpose behind it." There was." Come on; give." It goes all the way back to college. Mary and I were pretty much best friends from the eighth grade on. I told you about pulling trains in college? Well Mary was lying on the mattress next to me. In our junior year I met a guy and we fell into a relationship and I thought he just. " OK, let's roll the film."The screen blanks for a moment and the actress and an actor are making out furiously at an airport luggage carousel. He sits her down on the edge, lifts her skirt and begins eating out her pussy. A few people shake their heads but no one pays that much attention to them. Then the actress leans back and falls onto the carousel which carries her off."Brad?!" the actress calls as her exposed pussy is conveyed past the people standing around the carousel."Muffy?!?" Brad. I am 29 years of age with 6 feet hight hight and a normal body. I m doing job in a multinational bank.Now come to the main point without waisting time. This happens last year when i was doing my final of c.a. i have a friend name maha khan she was studying in lahore college for women in yer third year.We both were very close to each other and often went on dates whenever we got chance. She was a really beautiful girl with very fair complextion and figure. I always plan to fuck her in both holes. Then she came near me touched and tried to wake me up saying …ramesh ramesh…get up….I acted nicely..Oscar winning sleepy pertformance….She said haan ye tho full flat ho gaye….So saying she again stood some distance away from rangan and turned and removed her bra. Rangan was justing staring at her tits….The nipples were hard…kaise hain jiju…..Wait sudha said and started removing her panties by turing around like giving him a striptease. She removed her panty and stood facing the mirror.Rangan.

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