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Is he okay?" pointing to harvey "no he is a little hong over" i said "tell him to have a cold shower and i will tell a maid to bring a big pot of coff...e up" "mom talking of coffee" she interupted and said "you want a starbuck?" i smiled said "yes please" when my mom left the house i let harvey sleep a bit longer until the coffee arrived i shaked harvey not stronly and said "baby come get a shower" harvey got up and toke a shower when he come out my bathroom i said "here have some coffee". Tani in halting sobbing breaths began to tell Naomi her dilemma. She explained that Ujiah was not the father but that she could never divulge who the real father was nor could she even divulge the fact the she was pregnant. She told how she had considered ending the pregnancy early but balked at that step. Faced with the upcoming birth she was at a loss as to what to do.Naomi began rubbing Tani's back in addition to stroking her hair and silently racked her brain in thought. What could she do. You can say that her bikini upper was only covering her nipples and lover was only covering her vagina portion else otherwise she was naked in public only her vagina and nipples cannot be seen.She was the most hot women in the beach. and even mom or varsha was enjoying the look and comments for her in the beach.We played and bathed there and enjoyed each other. And the whole week of holidays in Maldives ended loving, fucking & partying with each other.And we returned to Delhi and both of my. Toamr jamair kache amar mayee tipbar ba mayee chusbar shomeye neyee. Amar protibeshi aar tar bondhu ra amar bari te kakhono kakhono eshe amar guud ta na chude dile eto dine amar guuder phuto ta bondo hoeye jeto. Amar protibeshi aar tar bondhura ja amar guud ta chude deye aar mayee tipe chushe deye.” Didi khanik khon dhore amar choda khabar por amake bollo, “shala didi choda Partho bokachoda, taratri tui amar guude aro jore jore thap mar shala. Tui anek khon theke aste aste banra ta amar.

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