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.. my..." and she broke down again."You got a hard on didn't you?" she asked feeling her child's sadness.Jessica was born a hermaphrodite. This was th... reason her father left them when she was born, he was convinced that Darla and Jessica were freaks. But she wasn't a normal she-male. They usually have small penises but Jessica had a very large one. It was a little bit longer than 9 inches and was about 3 inches wide. Also her testicles were inside her body and were very large so when she would. As we were walking we kept talking a nice man called Sam and my partner, Gina and I kept lingering in the rear and sometimes the leader was having to shout back for us to keep up. It didn't bother us as we were having such a laugh. Sam was very friendly and soon Gina was almost flirting with him but again I didn't mind as it was all such a good laugh. Soon though the conversation turned and we were joking about going off into the woods ourselves. It made perfect sense as were fully grown adults. Then the announcer came on and called me out by name. I walked over and he instructed me to get on stage and let John and Doug remove my clothes and play with you for three songs. I looked at him in disbelief, I’m not gay. I looked back at her and she smiled and spread her legs like she was going to play with herself and signed for me to get on with it. Then she picked up the camera and started snapping photos of me. When I got on stage the two muscle bound strippers came out and the music. . the sort where each tentacle is penis tipped... he takes some chalks from a bag and begins drawing runes and a pentagram on the sidewalk. By closing one eye and squinting I can see what a normal human would, a Picasso version of the Mona Lisa rendered in chalk. In my reality of course the pentagram turns into a sort of wooden beer cellar hatch.I look at it very, very nervously. It looks suspiciously like how I imagine the gates to hell might look."Crap! You've spooked him Morph." says Mark.

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