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I would like to say I’m sorry about that, but I would be lying.”“I’m not sorry either,” Carla said, a peaceful expression illuminating her f...ce.We suddenly became aware that Jim had been watching us, his grinning mug resting on the seatback. “Those are nice, “ he said, nodding ar Carla’s exposed tits.Carla blushed only slightly, placed her open hand over his face and pushed him back, “Disappear, Jim,” she said, serious but kind. Jim chuckled as he dropped from view.I was sitting slouched,. They both watched as Rich climbed on top of Stacy, his hard cock disappearing between her closed thighs. The image of her half sister, face down on the bed, being fucked by Rich started to make her panties damp again. She looked out of the corner of her eye at Tina whose eyes were fixed on the screen, the wine glass still in her hand. Neither of the girls said a word as they watched Rich thrusting into Stacy from behind. Suddenly they heard Stacy’s voice telling him she wanted to watch him and. And I loved it!“After that I always wore a skirt when I babysat at that house. And I always took my panties off as soon as the kids went to bed. That was all I ever did with him. But later, when I began to masturbate, I would often imagine him fucking me like a bitch in heat. In my fantasies I was always being taken against my will. The circumstances were usually vague. But it was always something like he would catch me bending down to pick something up and jump on my back. I couldn’t get loose. When I showered at college after playing hockey, I’d noticed every girl had different breasts, some tiny, some huge, and there were many different types of nipple sizes and shapes. Mine didn’t have much in the way of areola and were coral pink tipped. My nipples always seemed to be erect, but the guys who had seen and played with them, seemed to be delighted with them. I did love having my tits played with, my favourite way, on my hands and knees, with my tits being sucked hard on by a guy.

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