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When her snoring got louder, wifey looked over and noticed her sisters tit was out, then looked at me as if I took it out. I asked her if i should tuc... it back into her shirt. I was instructed to just pull her covers up and cover it, so i did. Eventually wifey rolled over, facing couch and fell asleep. Peggy eventually pushed covers off and rolled onto her back. Tits out and arm now touching me. So i did what i thought was best option.... i pulled my cock out, and tried putting it in Peggys. ”“This is so hot. What else?”“He said you were in our bedroom door wearing a see-through negligee with garter belt and stockings. Then he told me you asked them if they wanted some pussy.”Stroking his erection she says, “I did ask them if they wanted some pussy. I felt so naughty. And you know they got plenty of pussy. What else?”Mike tells her Chuck and Tommy talked how they liked her pussy and what a good cocksucker she was. He leaves out telling Tommy about Chuck and Susan and wondering if. Keede se darr jati hai.Mein aur dada ji khana khane lage. Maine jaldi se khana kha liya. Aur plate rakh ke aa gaya. Fir kuch der baad dada ji plate rakhne gaye. Aaj se pehle dada ji kabhi bhi plate rakhne nahi gaye the.Mummy – Are papa ji mujhe awaaj de dete. Main lene aa jati.Dada ji – Are bahu tum itna kaam to karti ho. Tumhe bhi to aaram chahiye hota hai. Waise mujhe maaf karna. Woh Mannu ke samne meri hasi nikal gayi thi.Mummy – Papa ji hasi to meri bhi nikal gayi thi. Magar fir main darr. “I’M CUMMING MARIA. YESS KEPP IT GOING. Fuck me hard!”I forced her head down onto my dick taking it all the way to the hilt. I shot my cum out into the back of her mouth. Maria did her best to swallow it all but some dribbled down her chin onto my chest. Maria was gagging every time a shot of my warm cum came into her mouth. She sucked me until it hurt so I stopped her.“Thank you Maria; that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Your short hot body is looking really sexy right now.”“What Doug, do.

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