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That also meant, however, that now that Crystal had turned her attention to my always-gloved hands, I was essentially forced to show her why my hands ...ere always covered with black leather. ‘I’m more than willing to show you,’ I acknowledged, ‘but this is definitely not the right place to do that. We definitely need someplace private.’ She seemed a little skeptical, but I was not surprised – in her position, I would be skeptical as well. ‘Unless you have other plans, why don’t you drop by my. " Annette's an only child. She's the apple of her daddy's eye. She's been popular and beautiful forever. But, being the smart, discerning-type person she is, she realized instantly that I have qualities found in few other men." Oh, yeah? Like what qualities?" Never mind. It's not the sort of thing that a man brags about -- especially to his sister." Can you breathe through your ears, maybe?"Maybe my sister was smarter than I'd thought."Annette's coming over to spend the day with me Saturday," I. . ‘Hello neighbor’, Jerrod said to Wendy as she came out the side door from her kitchen. Wendy approached him and they carried on some small talk and chit chat and formally introduced themselves to each other. Wendy was overwhelmed by the handsome features and natural smile of his face. Wendy enjoyed watching his eyes explore her body. He didn’t even hide the fact that he was surveying her. Wendy realized that she does indeed still have it……..she has what it takes to catch a man’s. "Very carefully setting the cup full of steaming, black liquid back on thetable, she gave him a thin smile. "I noticed. Would you happen to haveprovided tea for this intimate little breakfast?" Sarcasm again." Garret chuckled then waved to a servant to bring a freshcup and a pot of fragrant morning tea. As the servant poured the teaGarret grinned again. "I knew I'd have fun with you around, dear. Is thatmore to your liking?" Much better." Deirdre nodded with a momentary glare at him. "Now.

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