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It was pretty heavy in my young hands; wonderful Lycra was not yet invented. It contained a beautiful unique smell that was a mix of the material, her...perfume, and best of all.... HER! For some crazy reason I just HAD to put them on! I did not even stop to think why or if this meant I was weird or something. I was totally swept away by the lust of those sexy items that belonged to my Mother's very sexy friend! The first thing I did, was to quickly strip out of the rest of my clothes and then. Yummy. Anyway, by the time I’d returned to earth and my beautiful stallion had gone back to nibbling on his hay net, Laura had stopped being peeved and was grinning.“As I was saying...” Laura continued, apparently her plan had a phase three which was that at some point we would get married, then, between apologies and curses that this wasn’t romantic, she told me we needed to get married soon, legal stuff, you know how I deal with that, those nipples ... I don’t mind Laura spanking me, kind of. His lighter snicked as he thumbed the wheel. Squinting against the glare, he touched the flame to the tip of the cigarette. He drew his breath in, the tip of the cigarette flaring briefly before morphing into a dull orange coal. He pulled the smoke deep into his lungs, holding it, savoring it, before exhaling. As he looked across the street at her brightly lit form, he brought his beer bottle to his mouth, knocking back a good slug. He could hear the faint sounds of her music. You've seen me cross-dressed for your fantasy. Am I just your play thing now? Your anal whore, blow job slut, cum bucket?You bring plates of food to the table and sit down. I look at my plate, my stomach still unsettled. I look up and say, “Look. About this arrangement. I love my wife...” You interrupt me, “Whoa, whoa! Don't freak out now. Take another sip of tea, it really helps.” You reach into your pocket and pull out your cell phone. I squint seeing you flip through it.“Look!” you start,.

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