“Bill and I have had some conversations about some of that stuff.”Deena jumped. “We don’t want to know...”“No,” I said. “Look at me. I...mean, I’m happy with myself, but I’m little and kinda mousey, as far as looks go. I wanted to understand what makes him think I’m attractive...”Brindy giggled. “Probably your mind ... That engineering text on the table in there...”I smiled. I know that working with me on school stuff was a way that I could justify being over at Bill’s all the time and he could. ..tits." As he spoke the words, Jennifer saw that he had a roll of twenty pound banknotes in his hand, and he was peeling off some as he spoke "If I gave you a hundred quid, would you show them to me?" he tilted his head to one side, pulled a face and gave one of his daft winks, which always made Jennifer laugh.She fought hard not to giggle, and attempted to affect an air of shocked indignation, but somehow she knew she was failing to do so. In truth she was by now feeling more than slightly. I am going to fill your ass with my spunk, would you like that?” he whispered into my ear, as he leaned over me, still finger fucking my ass. “Yes…please. Aww babe, I want it now, nice and hard and make it rough,” I said through gritted teeth. Kissing him hard he pulled out and reached to the bedside locker for lube. Rubbing it over my opening and wanting ass crack, he then rubbed his own cock, so that it would slip easily into my ass. “Get on all fours now,” he said after slapping my ass. ." I replied."Whatever for darling." She stroked my shoulders."What I've done, I'm worried you'll think I'm gay, diseases, and I guess just everything." I blurted out quickly.She hugged me and softly said, "You're not gay – maybe bi, and I'm OK with that. As far as being manly you fuck me better than any lover I've ever had. Trust me you don't have to worry about diseases and I think you're the kinkiest boyfriend I've ever had, and I live for kinky!" My confidence grew, "Really are you sure?".

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