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They were the long heavy one that he used with both hands equally well and the short blade with the sharp edge on both sides. He named them Nora and G...od-night in memory of his long dead spouse who had been trampled by a troop of dragoons unwilling to slow down for common folk. He often repeated their names as he dispatched his opponents to their reward.They had been together nigh on to two years now and in all that time the Hammer had not made any move to accost the femininity of his partner. I’m fairly lean myself, but while two inches shorter I still outweigh him by about fifteen to twenty pounds – mostly muscle, fortunately, as I’m a larger build than he and carry a bit more muscle mass on my bones.He laughed. “You should talk, Michelin Man! So you really want to get your ass kicked in b-ball yet again? Some people just never learn.”“Funny, as I recall I toasted you last time. That bucket seemed to have a lid on it when you shot – all that clanging off the rim nearly deafened. One strap from her dress fell off and exposed on of those beautiful 32C breasts I had thought of while watching her swim. My mouth fell to the breast and kissed it passionately. My teeth went to the hard nipple and I pulled at it lightly as she sighed her approval. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I enjoyed her perky breast. She pushed my pants and boxer down to my ankles and spread her legs high in the air. Filled with lust instinctively I entered Sam without ever seeing her amazing pussy.. Well the whole assembly gavethe biggest awe, and they all began to clap. I was pinned with my pledgepin and I began to cry again.Then Patty announced that each pledge was matched with another pledgesister and the two were assigned a room to live, I was the special caseto have my own room but it was in between Patty and Lacy's room. We wereto move in the rooms immediately and be completely settled in within 24hours. Also we were each assigned to sisters each to be out mentors forthe pledge week,.

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