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It was hard, but soft at the same time. I felt him at the back of my throat and I suddenly had a thought. I stood but not loosing suction on his BBC l...aned even more. Jeffery understood what I was trying to do, and I could hear Deena ask, “Hey what’s he doing, what’s happening. Jeffery bent his knees a little lowering himself 2” or 3”.I pulled my head back as much as I could making more of a straight line into my throat. I felt his head at the back of my throat, and I felt Jeffery’s hands on my. ”This was another of the little games they shared. He would blindfold her or make her close her eyes and then touch or strike her with something. When he was hitting her, he would threaten to keep it up until she guessed correctly. Several times they had both ended up laughing so hard they had to stop.He touched the item to the back of her leg again, holding it at a different angle this time.“Is it…metal?” she asked, having detected a certain level of coolness.“Ah, yes, it is,” he said. “But. She felt as if her heart had been torn from her chest and a large hole replaced it. Not even the death of her parents long ago, made Misty hurt this bad and it was killing her.She couldn't tell him the truth and it was costing her the most important thing in her life, his love.Saturday night came and the girls rushed frantically to get ready. Misty dressed in a very low cut, powder blue dress with stockings and high heels to match. She fluffed her short hair and finished her makeup just as the. Here they took turns, dp ing my ass, I watched them from different angles in the mirrors, it is always good to see cocks buried deep inside my ass, especially when its two, I was well used cock after cock took its toll on me, I have always found, if I can get one or two good guys to fuck me here, it attracts others, and today was no exception, in fact today was turning out to be a great day.It was late when things slowed down a bit, than as once before the owner walked in to tell us he was.

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