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Immediately I started to massage it and his dick got even bigger. I slit my hand up and then back down, not on top of his shorts but into.I fastened m... grip around his member and started to rub it slowly up and down.A slight groan escaped his lips and his hands made their way under my shirt and to my tits.I gasped as I pulled down his shorts. Some times I saw his member semi-stiff but never full erected and I have to say that even my toys looked small in comparison to his member.“Ohhhh my. Soon almost the whole college deserted except for the cleaners,varsha was watching me work while I was doing experiments on my own with the manual. She came to me laughing “rahul, that’s not how you do it. Some of the instructions are modified in our lab, you should’ve been more attentive”“Oh sorry, I didn’t know that” I replied“Are you mad at me for something?” she asked“Why would I be mad mam, I like it to be quiet(hell yeah I was mad) “I said“Haha,OK alright. But I know you’re not really a. " She said. "I was going to the bathroom, after they had been there sometime and heard something from a bedroom that I passed. I noticed the door cracked so I peaked in." What did you see?" I asked.She hesitated again, choosing whether or not she should tell me. "I saw one of the girls straddle one of the guys as he lay there. She was fucking him right there on the floor. As her ass would rise up and down I could see his shinny cock sliding in and out of her." I couldn't help but look. I had. I thought this might be your lucky exam charm.’ ‘Thank you.’ She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. ‘Actually, James, I have something for you.’ She gave me two envelopes. ‘Open this one first,’ she said, pointing to the larger of the two. It was a party invitation for that Friday night. ‘Mummy insists on throwing me a birthday party. It will probably be ghastly with all my family there, but she would like you to come. She wants to thank you herself for helping me.’ ‘Okay, I’ll be there..

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