Marion came twice more and then lay back Arnold prepared to mount her. She lay back feeling absolutely nothing as Arnolds cock slipped inside her cunt...She waited until he had cum and then showered and went for breakfast downstairs. She was halfway through when the phone rang, she answered and a voice rang out, "Is that you whore?" Yes Sir, this is your whore," she said as Arnold looked up."I was telling my friend about my new whore. He wants to meet you if you know what I mean." Yes Sir,. This kiss was longer and her mouth was more open. I felt her tongue deep in my mouth and I sucked on it and felt her jump, with pleasure I hoped. When the kiss broke I looked at her and smiled, looked down at her awesome cleavage, I saw the areola peeking out, and then back to her eyes."You are incredible Patty." So are you John. Let me enjoy my fantasy date with you. Maybe I shouldn't be kissing my daughter's husband like that but damn you are so good looking John, and you seem so hot lately.. Another cupped the heavy weight of his balls, and yet another snaked its way across her belly to flick and fondle Cyrene’s clit. Yet, through it all, Mark and Cyrene held each other’s eyes, and the world faded except for them two. Neither could claim it for love – not in this place of corruption. No, not love, but they knew their soul’s were matched. Cyrene could taste the dark side of seduction with her new lover, and Mark the innocence of her indestructible purity. Think it corny and stupid. Without hesitation, Jen reached between her legs and guided David's cock into her."Uhhh! God!" she grunted as its big head entered her. "Uhhhhhh!" she groaned as he pushed the thick shaft deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his ass, urging him to go deeper.David started to pound her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. A large mirror hung on the wall, and she could watch as David fucked her. He was in a suit and fully dressed, except for his big cock.

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