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My cock was pulsing up and down, and it didn’t take too long before Teri started to get her rocks off. Her moaning filled the room, her breathing be...ame more rapid, and she removed her head from between Christy’s legs and yelled, “Yes, yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Fuck yes Christy, you’re making me fucking cum!” Teri grunted as each wave swept through her body. I could see her chest flush red and her face was straining. She kept it up for a couple of minutes and there was no doubt that she. I have to clench to cut off the spurts of jizz just about to come out, but a pearly ball of cum squeezes out of the slit and into the crotch of her panties. I rub the soft cotton over the head of my cock, spreading my semen into the crotch of her panties. A little more leaks out, and I wonder if there is now too much to soak in, but as I rub my cock with the fabric, I see the cum soaking in. I twitch again; almost out of control and with strenuous effort manage to cut off a spurt of cum so that. . but I…’‘Shut the fuck up!’ She screamed at me as she broughther legs up and kicked me out of bed. ‘Go sleep in the guest room before I do you somedamage.’I slumped off to the other room dazed at this suddenturn of events. I had no idea she wasn’t happy.After a short while I was on my way to the bathroomwhen I thought I could hear her voice. I tiptoed up tothe door and listened. She was on the phone talking tosomeone.‘…I had had enough,. "No please," she said with a hint of a tear in her voice.I now popped the large button at the front of her Jeans, with this undone, her shirt could easily be pulled out and I flipped it open. My, oh my what a sight. My right hand cupped each small mound in turn, my thumb flicking each nipple."Please no," she said, her eyes now tightly shut, but I wasn't going to stop now. My hand left her small tits and moved south, over her flat middle and then under her Jeans and Knickers to her pussy."No,.

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