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. I also became their house maid too! Sort of like Cinderella. Not always fun and hard work. It got to the point when in my teens that I did most of t...e house work by myself and that's where I get the "sissy maid" side of me! lol They taught me how to really clean house that's for sure, I still do it today! Lol. Even so young there was something so exciting in me for them to boss me around and even put be down and fuss at me. It certainly gave me dirty submissive feminine feelings and. I started filming just as her lips were receiving the tip of my dick.She took my cock and I watched her, as her tongue flicked out under my head and she looked up at me with a look became a sneering smile as she looked from the camera to me and back. My left hand flashed around her head and with a handful of hair, I pulled her head back and I quietly said: “Babe, you can suck better my dick… do it”Then she took my head into her mouth and began vigorously sucking and bobbing on my cock as if. I pushed my tongue past her lips into her hole, lapping her juices as they flowed. she took hold of my hair, and used it like a control to position my head. she guided me to her clit, as i kept licking. she began to moan in pleasure. the hold on my hair grew stronger, as i increased my lapping. she began to rock back and forth, enjoying the lips on her sex. my head hurt like hell, and my nose smelt like her pussy, but i liked it. her juices were a turn on, and i began to feel a warmth between. She had riotous red hair and her make up still looked perfect, despite the fact that she obviously been at work all day. She had an umbrella so she kept most of the rain off her.I gulped. She was gorgeous.I had to try. Get her to stop and look at my phone. It was probably bullshit, but I had to try.I kept my eyes on the phone, trying to look casual, listening to the sound of her heels striking the pavement as she got closer and closer.“Excuse me miss?” I asked as she walked by. Now or.

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