She would start at the base of my cock and slowly, very slowly work her way up my shaft to the tip of my prick. The thing was, she took an awfully lon... time doing it, almost too long sometimes which made it maddening. But I think that was the whole point. And then, just when she'd linger a moment or two on the sensitive tip, she'd start on her way back down with this feathery, hardly touching tongue caress that let you know what she was doing, but made you actually have to concentrate on. Viv had this thing that she got off a TV commercial that gives anice tight bun.Once it was up I pulled out a few tresses and used the curling iron tocreate some ringlets that I used to frame her face. Carol had beenchatting away and not really paying attention so when I was finished shedrew in a big breath as she studied herself in the mirror. She turnedher head from side to side, up and down. "Fuck me, Nathan this isamazing, shit this is better than anything Viv ever did. She grabbed myface. I take the pass and am almost out of the room when nearly run into Heather in the door way. She warms up as she sees me but it’s the pretty boy behind her who has more of my attention as he stares at me. He’s white kid, blonde hair and I’m guessing on a decent build. This guy is all style too, done nice hair and shined shoes with his name brand button up shirt and dress slacks.“Oh Guy I’m so glad to see you here,” Heather say happily,” I was wondering if I could talk to you about joining up. "Charlie said, "He doesn't seem to be complaining."I grinned. I said, "Tomorrow, she's coming to church with me."The question and answer session was over because Nicki and Charlie stayed with us. We would eat together and then watch a movie. Karen said, "You must pick the movie and, if possible, it should be one of your favorites."I said, "The Gods Must Be Crazy!"Charlie groaned, "You are going to inflict that flick on her, are you?"I grinned back. "There was a limited selection.

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