Just before ten that evening, Ingrid's fax machine beeped and came to life. A one page, hand-written note from Steve appeared. It was a list of items ...nd quantities he wanted for their weekend. She looked it over and decided most of it could be obtained tomorrow.She looked at the printed source address for the fax and saw the name of the Marriot in San Jose. His meetings were in San Francisco. He went to San Jose just to help her with the design software. From a little comment and a couple of. .." Molly stopped abruptly stopped speaking."Tim, remember when you asked me if I had ever thought about this ... about you before?" Yea. What about it?" There's something I haven't told you, Honey. When I said that, I wasn't really being honest." What do you mean, Mom?"It's not true that I've never thought about this before ... about you. About ten or eleven years ago, when you were somewhere between sixteen and seventeen, something happened." What the hell are you talking about?" Well,. I slunk back into the kitchen as Simon got up and put his pants back on. From his pocket he produced a camera and began to take photos of my wife, as she lay naked on the floor. He walked over to a nearby table and picked up her address book, thrusting it at her he told her to write down our phone number and her works address. He asked where she kept her house keys, she feebly pointed to her handbag, which he picked up from the chair. After emptying the contents on the floor he collected. “Steve’s little sister had a party here, and one of her friends, without any of us having any knowledge about it until she was passed out on the floor of the bathroom, used cocaine and overdosed. It was entirely possible for any of us who lived here to be arrested, and to have the house seized by the government.”“Bullshit,” Kylie objected. “They’d never do that!”Claire spoke up, “And you want to rely on the goodwill of elected prosecutors and judges, who make names for themselves by ‘busting’.

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