Then all I got was an upshot of the car roof... she'd obviously dropped the damn phone on the floor. Her legs must have been moving around because, su...denly, the phone was right between her legs looking up. Now I could clearly see Rob's fingers going into her pussy. What a shot."Oh fuck," she groaned and then slumped back into the car seat. Rob continued to stroke her until her orgasm subsided. "Oh my god, I'm soaked. Where's the phone gone?" "There's some tissues in the glove compartment and I. She starts screaming for help again as she realizes what has happened. I join her. My throat is raw, but I can't seem to stop. But it's no use. Nobody hears us and comes to our rescue. We finally give up and listen to the activity on the docks.Bill is saying to Margaret, "First thing in the morning I want you to go to your office, file divorce papers and sign them in Susan's name."Susan and I give each other a look that says, "What in god's name are they up to?" "Okay," Margaret replies, "and. He gripped my hand firmly and said “Mine aren’t.” This time we both laughed, and in that moment, I think, we became friends. We drank and talked for a long time that night, covering most things guys do when they talk: sports, work and sports. After the fourth beer we moved to more personal stuff: I told him about growing up in the Midwest, moving to California for a job, marrying and having kids, the divorce. He had grown up in the Bay Area but never liked city life, and after law school had. Got the same answer for all of them"Everyone loved Kristal and there was no way anyone would want to hurther," then more tears. I wasn't sure about the open show of emotion, butI'd eventually put it together.As I pulled into the station parking lot it hit me that Rachel hadreally fooled me, for the first few minutes at least. I mean she wasvery much like Kristal, very feminine looking, low controlled voice,curves in all the right places. Hell, she wasn't obviously male at firstglance or.

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