”Paulo looked at me. “And you Rick?”I shrugged my shoulders not really wanting him to know that I was really enjoying it.“If either of you are...having reservations you should be honest and say so,” Paulo told us. “I’ve had one or two couples come out here before and it hasn’t been for them; husbands especially finding it hard to accept me fucking their wives for the duration of the holiday. They find it hard to take. A couple of times a month being cuckolded is one thing but this is entirely. Our parents often taunted us jokingly about becoming an old man and an old maid, but we were happy in our little world of work and chilling out with friends and with each other.Sometimes we would spend hours in the attic balcony, just gazing at the skies and talking. We always found something to discuss. I had majored in Physics, while she had gotten her degree in arts. The disparity made for very interesting conversations, and made time go by so quickly. At this point in time, I must hasten to. So have yew fucked others sides yer Pa?”She gimmme a hot kiss and sayed, “Since Ah got ter be fourteen Ah been gittin it frum the two naybor brothers after school. They’s got a cousin who comes round on Friday’s and Ah screws him tew be perlite. Hmmm, yew feels ready fer some more fun. Kin Ah be on top this tahm?”“Oh, shit!” Ah thought. Ma never done this ter me and Ah likes it a lot. Them nahse titties is a bouncin right in front of me askin tew be played with. Ah don’t have tew do no work. Before 2 months her child school vacation has been started so she want to any hill station. Her husband is a business man and he always very busy in their office and business meetings, so they planed many times but every time he has urgent work and their program cancel. One day I met her and she told me that she want go out but her husband is very busy, what I do. I asked her wait sometime and when he free he will went. But she told if you are free then why not you give me your company. I.

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