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She crossed her legs, the short skirt pulled up even further by her actions, baring more of her creamy thighs. She made sure her eyes obviously linger...d on his cock before returning to his heated gaze. “I’d love to invite you to a place I know. It’s a place designed for kinky pleasures. What’s your desire?” Christie shifted in her seat and felt herself become damp. His voice held a hint of command and she could see herself wanting to be held his sexual captive. “To be tied up. To be at the. " Flatterer" she giggled, lifting her juicy tits up and squeezing them together before letting them fall with a soft slap onto her breast as I took a long drink and admired her full figure in the soft light."Sometimes" I admitted candidly, offering her glass up which she accepted gratefully, sitting down beside me on the bed. "But you have a heart of gold that lights up your eyes and makes you prettier than most women. Some women are beautiful but have a small, mean heart which makes them ugly. Hehehehe.. what a boy he is? Doing so many things at a time. What the fuck he is teasing me so badly. How could this even happen? So in order to free few things I pushed his head, removed his hand from me (hugging and the on my boob). Rolled over him and sat exactly on his crotch.God it was so hard that I could feel its exact size in one go. I just placed my hand on his shirt and he understood me and removed it within a flash. Next was his pants. That was also gone in seconds. He was about to. Aur mein kutto ki tarah uski boor chatne laga. Uski boor mein ajib tarah ki manmohak khusbu thi, aur utni hi tasty thi jo mujhe kutto ki tarah chatne par bibas kar diya. Usko v apna boor chatwane me bada mazza aa raha tha aur chuttar ko utha utha kar boor chatwa rahi thi aur mmmmaaaaajjjjjklhhhhhhhhh ki awaj uske muh se nikal rahi thi. Kareeb 10 minut boor chatne ke baad usne mera v lund apne hatho me li aur sahlane lagi phir apne muh me dalkar lollypop ki tarah chusne lagi. Hum v apni do.

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