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"Is this yours?" she asked. Catie looked up and saw her teacher bend down. When she stood up back up she was holding a creme colored envelope that was...the twin to the one she had got yesterday. "Yes, it's mine. Where did you find it?" "It was under the chair across from yours," her teacher responded as she handed it to her and moved away.Catie looked around to see if anyone was watching. She then popped the wax seal and removed the contents. There was only a single page this time. Catie.I would. Danica could see, and feel, his muscles contracting as his pleasure mounted. His reaction to her ministrations so fascinated Danica that she was unprepared when his hips rose up toward her.She gagged and quickly jerked away from him, trailing thick strings of saliva from her lips to his hard organ. After a cough, she said, "I'm sorry," wiping her mouth, her face bright red.Jared groaned, "It's okay," and closed his eyes for a moment. "I'm sorry I choked you," he apologized.Danica didn't answer. The frictions between our body started to increase. There was constant movements of hands exploring areas of each other. It was being an intense move. Finally I tool a step ahead, moved my lips near her and those warms breathing would be felt. There was a moment when our lips met each other.That was the first time we kissed and it was very passionate. The lips moved in rhythm and the soft song in the background was just perfect for the moment. That was a long deep kiss, feeling each other’s. There's no rush and I don't want to make it look like it's important that I know right away."It was quiet for a few moments at the table as I sat waiting for the next question."I think it sounds like a good idea," Nana said. "Steve knows the business and has already proven himself to the owners. I'm willing to invest."I guess I should have expected that from her. She was a big supporter of mine, but she was no fool. She wasn't anxious to throw her money away on a long shot. Her approval gave me.

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