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My cock was actually the first one she had ever seen, held, or sucked as well as fuck. She was learning how to squeeze her love hole around my cock be...ter and better. She told me she was practicing with the toy I had, that she had decided to take home with her now.They say a girl never forgets her first guy who puts his cock in her pussy. Jenny had learned very quickly and she was eager to try everything but fucking her ass. She wanted no part of that. I accepted that and didn’t bother any more. The head was in me, and my hole tightened, trying to reject it, but the demanding prick wouldn’t be denied. Like my throat, my insides seemed to gulp and let the dick keep going. It hit a deeper barrier, he paused, then drew back. I could feel my wrecked anal ring clinging to his shaft. My guts seem to be following, getting sucked out along with his dick. He grunted and rammed through that second wall of resistance. A hot burst of fluid shot out of my hard dick.He pulled out faster. His. But I stopped him and as I was kissing her took his hands and put them on Mona’s stomach and hips. Mona put her hands around the back of her head and pulled Ricks head to her neck. When we stopped kissing she asked is that good enough.“Hmmm I think that was ok for you and him. And me and you but I think you need to transfer our kisses to each other”.I suggested she should kiss him again and then transfer that to me and then my kiss back to him. She turned round took Ricks face and started to. I’d see the negras at auction, shackled for inspection, but clothed to suggest better breeding. Prospective bidders would open their shirts to check for deformities, as it wouldn’t be unknown to shroud a poorly-set arm under a serviceable topcoat. Lash-marks spoke of willful disobedience, always a bad investment.Mama considered herself aloof from the mechanics of the auction, leaving it to Papa to complete the transactions. She’d hover near, though, peering at physiques. Women maybe know more.

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