Me- I’ll tell you but you shouldn’t get angry and be the same like now..She- okMe- I really miss..miss your thighs which I liked the most in your ...ody..She- wtf I never thought your like this, your sick don’t talk to me again..Me- that’s why I didn’t tell you pls talk to me I’ll not see your legs or thighs again..She- You can’t as I’ll not be wearing the uniform again with a wink..Me- oh yeah..sad face.We left it here things went normal..We had a family function and everyone gathered and even. What…?” I began and he said “you’re so dumb. I was madder than hell when you got knocked up because I had a lot of clients unhappy that they weren’t going to get to knock you around.” Then he looked up at me and said “I was also mad because you….you are the hottest piece of ass I’ve had in years. He then moved his hand from my boob to my face and held it. “No matter how much like a pig I treated you, you always came back for more. You can fucking swallow my whole cock and take the whole. Technology is constantly being refined and things previously believed impossible are available, Through nano genetics technology, feats such as regenerating a lost arm or leg are now a reality. However, everything has a price, and while the rich can benefit from the latest gadgets, there are several millions of people around the world whose skills have been made mostly redundant by this surge in technology growth.The divide in the wealth of the classes has been increasing at an exponential rate. 8 girls who left they r girls friend of my friends n they want stay for some more time. So lover started hugging n kissing. Boys try’s to have sex but they not allowing. N all girls come together n make a plan n said to us ‘ we ll have sex if u all guys will have sex at a time n all cock’s in all ass’s, no 1 cock hang in air’.By listing this i got a idea. N i said so we all do what u said then what u girls give. 1st its not possible n we can do anything like that. if it happen. You boys can do.

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