I was at my limit for holding my breath. Just then, RJ came up and tried to grab me again. I knew he was playing, but it was getting out of hand. This...was almost real. I mean, it was just roughhousing between friends, but it was getting a little bit serious. I picked him up and threw him a few feet away, and he fell into the water. He turned and swam right at me. I dove back into the water and swam to the deep end. I knew RJ would not follow me. He didn’t like swimming in water he couldn’t. I can’t wait to finally have an orgasm. Even if you don’t have a boyfriend, you certainly can get off with these types of toys.I’ve got sex on the brain all the time. Lately, I just go into my bedroom and put on a CD. I get undressed and lie on my bed. I caress and rub my breasts. I twist and play with my nipples. Then I’d rub my pussy lips and play with my clitoris. I slowly put one finger into my wet pussy and just fuck myself with my finger. It felt so good and then I’d slip maybe two. I must have looked pretty disinterested, because she started in with her feminine charms. "I'm sure I have a picture of him in here somewhere," she said as she looked half-heartedly through her handbag. On the slimmest of pretexts she got up and dumped the contents of her purse out on her chair, then bent over til her face was an inch from the knick knacks she was piecing through. She wasn't your average street floozy and she kept her legs pressed together as she swung her derriere from. ‘Shut up!’ Dex exclaimed with a laugh. Shella grinned and took a sip of water. ‘So what else is going on with you?’ Shella asked Netalia, eager to change the subject. ‘I made the honor roll,’ Netalia answered with a grin. ‘Great!’ Dex exclaimed. They looked up as food was brought to the table. ‘It looks great,’ Paul said as a plate of manicotti was placed in front of Shella. ‘My favorite Italian food,’ Shella agreed with a grin. ‘Where’s your glass of wine?’ Dex asked Shella suddenly. ‘I.

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