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”“You entwined your fingers in my hair and made me bob up and down on your dick, deeper and faster. I remember gagging a bit every time this part ...ight here…” she pressed her fingers into the spongy tip. “…kept bumping into the back of my throat.”“I… I remember, baby. I’m real sorry if I hurt you, or scared you…”“Don’t be silly, Daddy!” She quickly kissed the tip again. “I absolutely LOVED it! I was being taken, y’know? It was SO passionate, you losing control like that!”“Are you sure,. She was incredibly wet and tight. He moaned loudly as her tight, hot, cunt squeezed his cock. Removing his now-clean fingers from her mouth, he leaned down and kissed her roughly, moving a hand down to rub her clit. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him, unable to fight him any longer. This just egged him on and it took everything he had not to plunge into her and fuck her senseless. Slowly he pushed into her until he had almost completely filled her. He moaned loudly. She was so tight. I am not angry with you. I don't hate you or hold bad feelings. I have many warm memories of the good times we spent together. Those are the ones that I will keep. I don't want to keep remembering the one bad thing that happened to us." That's the Kyle I have always known, so kind, so caring, so thoughtful, so gentle. Even the first time that we met at the football game, I could feel your hands on my breasts, almost any other guy would have squeezed them or done something to call attention to. Thana face lo expressions change avtunnai.Thana champalapai kiss chesanu nxt lips tho malli kissing start chesa. Kanisam 5minutes kiss chesanu. Nxt thana neck pai kissing cheyadam start chesanu.. thanu hands na hair lo vesi gattiga hathukuntundi. Thana ears korikanu chinnaga.. abhiiiiii plssss melliga annadi.. nenu thana chevilo melliga asha I want to fuck ra annanu. Thanu k fuck me abhi fuck hard anindi. Inka nenu nxt melliga thana boobs pai kissing cheyatam start chesanu.Thanu sannaga.

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