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" Sure. I'll be here," I said, wondering what my parents had in mind for Nana.When things settled down and Mom had loaded the washing machine with the...r laundry, we all gathered in the dining room. Dad had offered me a beer and I accepted. Mom was drinking tea and Pam had a Coke."Well, a lot of things have happened in the last week, that's for sure," my dad began. "I've already told you that I don't think Nana can live on her own ... at least not in that house. So, we have some decisions to. “I would assume the same goes for two women, and maybe even two men, though I cannot see me ever going there.”“Lucien, since Leslie has been married, and actually tried to make a man love her - why don’t you and Leslie go first? That way, I can watch and maybe even join you.”Leslie looked at Deb, then me. “Lucien, I’ll go along with that. I’ve read stories about women who crave both heterosexual sex and lesbian sex. I want it all, and I want you to make love to me, then fuck me each and every. "They can't let go of each other, and we had a lot to do with it. Now we'll all live together, but even better than before, because I can fuck mom and dad can screw you, and we can do it right out in the open."She kissed him when his mouth got near enough. "Isn't it wonderful, and to think none of it might ever have happened, if I hadn't caught you jacking off that night."He said, "Can I leave you for a few minutes? Look over there, and you'll see dad going down on mom. He's eating her for the. I was angry and it was appealing but I didn't see a good ending to it. He hadn't done anything illegal. Well, he had but he was out on bail and this wasn't a violation. It would be dark soon. I figured that whatever we did, the later it got, the more tired he would be, and hungrier. I thought about sending him a pizza. I saw that in a movie once. I put myself in his shoes and tried to imagine being desperate. I would have bought a gun if I was going to sit in front of my house. I had to figure.

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