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‘And they processed me.’ ‘Me, too,’ Jenny replied, sucking on an electronic cigarette and blowing out a cloud of white vapour. ‘I didn’t k...ow you smoked,’ Julia said to Tamsin. ‘Not till the Sharpton Institute recruited me,’ Tamsin replied. ‘When I go back to being Mandy, I don’t smoke.’ ‘It’s the nicotine,’ Anna said. ‘It enhances the effect of the reagents we use in conditioning you.’ She said this with a cold matter-of-factness, yet the other women just seemed to accept this fact. They were. I could not have been feeling better when the guy in my pussy and the remaining hand job blew their loads both up and over me. After that I was left alone for about 10 maybe 15 minutes; during which I rubbed the cum from my face and much smeared tits and body. I was still feeling horny beyond belief and could not resist licking my hands and fingers until they were completely clean of cum. Over the remainder of my first night the guys took their turn fucking me in all my available holes. I lost. Her legs were long and slender. She was five-foot tall, with wide blue eyes and blonde hair which cascaded down her back. I paid for a set of Double D breasts which looked beautiful on her. Her lips were enhanced with collagen giving her a sensual pouty look. I paid for that too. Sindi's pelvis was rising and falling to provide more pleasure to her "trainer". She was too much for him. She squeezed his black shaft and caused him to prematurely ejaculate in her pussy. I rolled my eyes. She was. Stop I said! Or, or, or else!" She was struggling to form a coherent sentence now, as a coiling pressure began to build within her."Or else what, Bella?" Bethany came closer; so close Isabella could feel her breath on her face, though maddeningly without physically touching her."What are you going to do to me from all the way up there? From where I see it; I'm the one in control here. You don't need to fight it anymore; no need to deny yourself. I can see that my little punishment has got you.

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