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“I desire all four of you in a far more reaching capacity than you think.” Bill said as he moved before the first of them. Touching the sword to shoulder Bill stated. “Arise Sir Gregor, First Knight of the realm.” Moving to the second he repeated the same motion. “Arise Sir Gwayne, First Knight of the realm.”Both of the first two males were in shock almost unable to move, as of yet unable to speak.Bill moved to the third whose mouth was hanging open as were the first two. Tapping the third. “I thought that we might bring some restraints into the cuckold story.” I started to shake as she stood up and opened them up. “Hands behind please,” she said. I was hesitant, placing my hands at the back of my head. “It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you,” she told me as she fastened a cuff around my wrist. Our bed is a solid pine one and the headrest had carved rails, ideal for restraining. Trish guided the restrained hand through the rails and then took my other hand and guided it between. “Do you want it here and now, baby?” he said. “Just gagging for some cock, aren’t you?” Neither question needed an answer. I slipped my hand into his lap, happy to feel a raging erection through his pants, and set about kneading the bulge. “Not the only one who wants it, Mr Rose, am I?” I teased. “So formal you are.” Teasing me back! “Well you are my boss,” I said. “Aren’t you, Mr Rose?” “I am, sugar, yes.” I unzipped him and freed his throbbing veiny cock. “So big and hard!” I purred. I licked. I beg you! For my baby’s sake, if not mine! I don’t want to go to DC!” she whined now.“Yet again, we have such opposing desires, no wonder that we didn’t last. You don’t want to go to DC, but I damn sure want to send you there,” I informed her very coldly indeed, “now, excuse me. I’ve got work to do.”“Please ... Ralph!” Megan cried out as the guards dragged her off, having been patient with her long enough.“Jesus, Ralph, you really know how to pick ‘em!” Aaron chuckled at that.“Never piss off a.

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