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A few short strides had them next to his SUV. Unlocking her door, he went around and got in the driver’s side. ‘You will love this place, it’s m... favourite of all the parks here.’ ‘I’m sure I will,’ she replied, again trying to get the butterflies in her stomach to settle. At the park, they pulled into the last spot vacant and got out. Taking her hand he led her across the open area to the tree line and a small foot path that took them deeper into the parks shaded trails. The warm breeze. She moved her tongue around my dick. I was amazed and it was so hot. Then started sucking it after a 2 minutes heaven I again came.Then it was my turn I told her to put on her pants and remove her top and she did and I slowly kissed her navel and slowly lower her pants and kissed pelvic bone whenever I kissed she moaned so loudly aaahhh….. Mmmhh…. AaaaaLater I made her sit in my lap faced towards me then I slowed lined her breasts using my tongue and she moaned with her mouth closed mmmmThen I. Slowly gently delicately caressing your liking thisI was a happy camper with this great treatment.Shelley:are you enjoying this baby are you liking what auntie shelley is doing to you.. because I sure am baby....I love the taste of your nice hard dick in my mouth. I love sucking the tip of your manhood, your no little boy..not any more.. She starts sucking it faster and faster and faster tighter and firmer deep nice long swirl licks up and down she starts loosening up. I got to try out the bearskin rug next to the fireplace, and learned that it was possible to do it on a couch and not lie on it. See, you put a pillow behind your back and scoot forward to the edge. If it's a low couch, he can be on his knees. If it's a normal one, he has to crouch a little. Of course you can try it while lying down. I did it both ways, and both worked just great.A lot of guys liked the way I greeted them. I'd lift their manhood and suck their balls. One guy had shaved his, and.

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