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Eric had decided to book us a nice weekend break in the Lake District in England for his 51st birthday.It turned out to be a very nice weekend weather...wise, which is unusual for the Lake District, and also a very naughty and sexy weekend overall!On arriving at the very small guest house we were booked into, we were shown to our room by one of the owners, a guy called Phillip. He ran the guest house with some of his family, his daughter and son in law to be precise. He was in his mid 60s, and. He kept fucking her even several minutes more after his own orgasm had subsided.Anita finally came, panting and screaming like a bitch in heat…She told him that she had enjoyed pretty much feeling his dick in.They both closed their eyes and rested there, sitting for a while, as the recovered their breath.Both suddenly heard a deep voice calling them…“Well, well, well… it seems that someone had enjoyed a good time”A cop had spotted Anita’s car and watched them as they fucked…He had run the. " That was number two “Kate’s voice was soft, almost a murmer. Without warning Rick heard the swish of the cane as once more it sliced though the air. He could not believe the intensity of the pain as the bony rattan cane bit deep into his flesh."Arrggghhh.. arrggghhhhhh.. arrgggggggghhhhh" Kate squeezed her legs together as she felt a thrill run through her body. She pressed her hand between her legs and breathing deeply waited for the feeling to subside. She watched as Rick thrashed his. She picked out 10 and then began to glue themon. She worked very quickly wiping off any excess glue that may havegotten on my skin. She then took out a salon style heat gun and turnedit on. The gun blew super hot air all over my nails securing the gluedextentions.While inspecting my nails she took out a pink file and began to filethem into a very feminine oval shape. After 10 minutes or so of filingshe began to cover my nails with red nail polish. The polish glided onmy new lengthened nails and.

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