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Bamboo, to be precise."I nodded my approval. "Good choice. Because the bamboo is bonded together with edges up, it simulates wood grain and is more du...able than traditional woods, but I must warn you that I have never installed hardwood flooring before. Are you sure you don't want to get a professional to do this?" I have seen the work you did for Mrs. Collins," she replied, eyes still downcast, "and I believe that you are a craftsman who takes pride in his work. That is a quality that is. "If the outcome of this little talk goes the way I hope it will, I'll tell Madge everything myself. If it doesn't, then she doesn't need to know. Please?"I considered it a moment and then I said ok."I want you to fuck me - while Rick watches!"It was a damned good thing that she was driving, because had I been I would have run us right off the road and killed us both."You can't be serious," I said."Oh, but I am. Hear me out. For the last two years Rick has been after me to satisfy his favorite. You must create a model for the simulation. I want to you doas I say. I want you to begin creating a model of the new feminine you. Once the model is built and activated you will experience a new andexciting reality from within your new body. You will not be able todistinguish this reality from your normal waking reality.You already know this is possible. At some level you have alwaysrealized that your waking reality is comprised of external and internalelements that enter and are then. Mai: han vo to he n ap mujhse kyu sharma rhi ho yar, maine to sb kuch dekha h n apko kaunsa mere samne nahana h.Aunty: please vo topic mat nikalo sharik mujhe nhi pasand voMai: Kyu aunty?Aunty; dont know, n tum baitho mai naha k ai n ball le aana tum ja k.Mai; aunty please ap la k de dona yar itna to kr hi sakte ho ap mere liyeAunty; ruko baba lati huAunty jaisi hi upar gai mai bhag k bathroom mai gya n unki n pani ka naal hi band kr diya aunty ne mujhe ball di n bathroom mai chali gai n gate.

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