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Steve and I started to tussle and try wrestling moves, I got Steve in a scissor hold, that's here you wrap your legs around the trunk of your opponent...and squeeze till they give up or break the hold. Steve twisted around and got to his knees lifting my body from the bed, I had to loosen my grip. Steve quickly pinned me to the bed with one leg pushed up to my head and the other in it's normal position, sorta like a split. I admit I was more than a little tipsy and too trusting. Steve had me. Tears threatened to spill down her cheeks, and she whipped at them angrily. This was all her fault. Taking a deep breath, she forced the guilt back down. ‘She will want ye by her side, Cien, when she departs this world. She will want ye with her.’ Cien nodded, mute. Standing on shaky legs, he turned to Maggie. He could see the tear stains on her cheeks, but didn’t say a word. He knew she wanted to save Regan, that she would do anything she could for her, but there wasn’t anything she could do.. Holding her inner thighs open felt great too. All of my senses were on overload. Her pussy never did get any dryer. I enjoyed my first real taste of pussy and with Miss Amour’s help she enjoyed it too. She said that I could do more to her, if I could go a whole week without telling anyone about what I had just done to her.She told me to stay right there and then she left. About two minutes later Betty Jo came in. She smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed feeling her up. I explained that I really. I think you like my hands on your ass.’ She said as her hand gently slid down and cupped Ariel’s ass. ‘I think you’re in love with me.’ Ariel was flustered, her cheeks starting to glow and she felt caught. Hastily she shook her head. ‘But I’m not.’ She said. ‘I swear I’m not.’ ‘Sshhh.’ Miss Kvorak said. ‘Nothing to be ashamed about, sometimes you fall in love with a teacher.’ She shrugged. Ariel wasn’t even sure she was truly in love with Miss Kvorak, she was jealous of her athletic.

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