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My long, dusty blonde hair was pulled into a curly pair of low pigtails. I figured if I played up the school girl look, I would keep Mr. Jacobs attent...on. By the time 5th hour finally rolled around, I was wet with anticipation. I took my assigned seat in the front row just as Mr. Jacobs entered the room. ‘Hello class. I hope all of you had a great weekend,’ he set his briefcase on his desk and turned to face us. His eyes flashed to mine for a quick second but then proceeded with his. He moved the material of her dress out of the way and to the side of him while holding her upraised dress in place by the tightness of their bodies glued so closely together, now her blue, bikini panties were on display for his horny eyes to see. Oh, my God. Form fittingly highlighted and proudly raised up by the tightness of her bikini panties, indeed, she had an incredible ass, the most perfect ass and ass cheeks he’s ever seen.Her ass was so round, so full, and so tight, that he couldn’t. The recruiter told me that he had a job offer for me. He said it was an advanced private lab and that I would have to work in total secrecy with no contact with the outside world for at least three years. But that I would be paid over $1,000,000 a year and be part of the groundbreaking research that would change the world. Who could pass that up?”The Controller takes a sip of his soda and then continues.“My parents died when I was young. I had no other family. I didn’t have a boyfriend. And the. 'Tina' assured me that dressing wasn't as bad as I might be thinkingand, that after my 'camp' performance, (s)he was sure I would have notrouble working in drag.Annie and I took another taxi back to the flat, in preference to thenight-bus, as we were both emotionally drained. We just had the energyto say "good night," before we each retired to our respective bedrooms.I smiled to see that Annie had laid out a silky nightdress on my bed.She had obviously purchased it today when I hadn't been.

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