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OK, here is how we introduced everyone to connection. First James, Joe and Marsha invited Joe's parents, Ted and Barbara to the family room. We hit th...m on the head and forced them to drink nanite milk. Just kidding.Joe told them of his feelings for Nancy. After high school graduation, he and Nancy are planning on getting married. Then James asked would they keep a good secret for the next six months. It had to do with my cure of cancer. They said they needed to hear more. James gave the. “What about you Mel” I asked, becoming very conscious that George was driving this conversation. “I would rather it was you than someone I don’t know” She replied. “What about after it’s born, what then?” “Nothing, after Mel’s pregnant, that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest…….There is no need for anyone else to know anything about this” George stated. “So you’d like me to be your sperm donor” “Look we could make it worth your while” Mel added “What do you mean” I asked “Well we could pay you”. While he was talking, he didn't notice the very attractive brown haired woman until she pulled out a chair and lightly sat right down at the table with them.All three were extremely surprised, and where as the men were stunned by her sudden appearance, there was something about her almost immediately put Suzan on guard. Even though to Dusty's eyes Suzan was by far much prettier than this young woman, he would be lying if he said that she didn't come in an extremely close second.The woman's. Abby did not reply but continued to gasp in pleasure with her eyes closed. So, Jeff took that as a yes. He positioned her thighs to look like the shape of ‘M’ and he climbed on top of her with his hard cock still clamped in between her pussy lips. Now, he managed to pushed more than half of his cock into her pussy as her pussy got wetter.But Jeff could resist no more, He pulled his cock out of her pussy a little and gave it a big sudden pound. Abby yelped suddenly and she could feel his hard.

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