Soon my clenching ass made him cum in return. I felt his hard cock deep in my anus start to pulsate and his burning semen squirting into my stretched ...ectum. He pulled out slightly and I sensed some of his sticky cum dribbling from my asshole onto my cunt and my fingers. I had got what I deserved: a nice wet cunt and a fully stretched asshole.A job well done; the ideal dream of a perfect awakening in the morning.He stayed buried deep in my anus as we recover our breath; his heavy hand still. I guess this was around 18 years old, I was pretty naive.I was raised by my dad, my mother died shortly after I was born due to complicatiions with the birth. No this isn't dad and I would never do anything like that. Yes I have seen him naked a couple of times, but that was by accident. There was blushing, on both sides, apologies and that was it. Because he was quite strict, I really didn't know much about sex, I wasn't allowed to even date until I was 18, unless it was in a group with. I put black pumps down, and stepped into them. Then a car drove past as I was about to knock on the front door. And I could hear it slow down as it passed me. But it drove on, and I knocked on the door. I heard Peter stumble. He came out and opened the door.“Yes, Hello?”As his eyes made contact with mine and he looked me up and down, his jaw dropped instantly. I gave him a very flirty smile.“Hi Peter! He-he, remember me?”He thought about it for 2 seconds and he remembered. “Caroline! She didn't want special positions. He would remember that when he wrote the fantasy. But first, he should answer her letter. And, if she wanted to play numbers games, he could start the letter on that.He finished up with the story, again in a separate file:The soft buzz woke Shannon in the night. Why the alarm and not the radio? Oh yes, she hadn't set anything. She was surprised that the alarm had gone off.Oh no! Mom was trying to poison her relationship with her oldest friends. Awake now, she.

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