It was some unseen woman that had seen me naked, not this onethat I could now see with my own eyes standing there in front of me.It was also a bit dis...oncerting seeing this Stephanie wearing my clothes.I became a bit excited at the thought that I would get to see her nakedwhen she took off her clothes to exchange them back."Oh wait," interjected Ilona, "with you naked there, this is a good timeto take care of our usual business."I guess I knew that there was really no way I was going to get out. Now as the sun rise , she came out to make her cunt juice for her son as he needs it every morning. Bharati devi was sitting by spreading her fat legs in two different direction and her saree was upto her waist and she was fingering her fat old cunt and her cunt juice were flowing down her thigh,and she is collecting thosejuices and kkepping it in a glass. After collecting half glass juice she stand up and went to her room and after entering her room she closed the door. It was 6’30 am.Then. Karib 12 baje lunch ke time didi hum dono ke liye khana poros di tavi maine apne mobile se didi ke phone pe ring kiya. Frnds maine ek naya sim liya tha to wo phone rcv karne jab apne room gai maine uske khane main wo powder mila diya jiske ki main medicine store se laya tha. Phone se koiu ans na milne se wo khane niche ayi , tab tak main apna khana khane baith gaya tha. Didi se pucha ki kon call kiya tha to “wo boli ki wroong no tha aur phone pe kuch bola bhi nahi”. Fir hum dono apna khana. She did then I hold her legs and tied her legs on back of the legs. Now I put a pillow down her hips and I took the stick and started to pat her like a master. She was enjoying and her skin getting pink while pat her. Then I put the mouth ball on her mouth and I came to her top and started to fuck. Then I came down and took the camera and took some snaps on this position and took close up her pussy. Her pussy lips are wide now after regular use. And dripping with then again I climb up and again.

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