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I had a look at her profile video where she showed her hot ass and finger the anal hole.I felt totally impressed and saw a few guys chatting with her....I tried to chat with her like the others and she replied to me saying she would love to have a private session where she could show me her assets. (She kept chatting fluently in Hindi but I am translating them for you guys). So, we had a chat like what follows in the private chat.Me: Hello, nice to meet you.Z: Hi, baby. How are you?Me: I am good.. Fair in color, slim, and I would say, a girl every guy would die to have sex with.And most importantly, we used to have crazy sex sessions quite frequently, and we always used to try new things during sex! (Here’s the main thing that made it the best possible experience!) So as Sneha and I used to have amazing sex sessions. (I’ll share those experiences in another story, and you’ll love those too). So she also used to share our experiences with her friends, and she used to tell me how jealous. I was searching for the vacant berth so that I can sit. I get one vacant seat. Next to that breath, a newly wedded couple was there, the girl was very pretty. She was like Anushka Shetty in south Indian movies, may be aged between 20 to 24 years. She was slim and having a killer smile. I felt very relaxed after seeing that beautiful lady. I was not bothered about my waiting list anymore.About 1 hour passed and the tte came, I asked him for confirmation of my ticket. But he refused and told me. Reacting quickly, Jen jumped forward and caught it before it hit the floor. He'd said, "Oh my God, I love you!" like ten times in a row. Both Dana and Jen agreed that didn't count as a true "I love you."Jen knew she loved him, but she was petrified of him saying nothing after she told him so, or of him saying, "I don't know if I love you."But she didn't want him to say it if he didn't mean it, or immediately jump into bed with him as soon as he did. She knew he'd probably think she was easy if.

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