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He looked at Ashley.“You’re a worthless cunt! I hope you die pregnant with your rapist’s child!” Brad’s frantic shout rang out convincingly....At last, Mladic seemed satisfied. He withdrew the gun for the last time, put it away, and went back to seeing how his little sex film was progressing.“The helpless boy-toy and slave-bitch in today’s video,” he intoned, for the benefit of future audiences, “include one Brad Wilson and Ashley Geocaris. These two budding porn stars know how to please their. ”I looked at a frowning Allen, “Mona was in my company. She will teach you to use the weapons I mentioned and I will teach you how to fight unarmed. Sam will teach you to read and write in the evenings.”He glanced at Sam and grinned, “they say she can fight.”Sam grinned and I laughed, “And Mona taught her so you better pay attention.”I looked at captain Able, “Has the clerk started talking?”He nodded, “Peter is with him.”I sighed and turned as the door opened again and Chris and Edward walked. Ami bollam,”Sumi arekta juke aro uporer dike dekhte pachchi.” She short er uporer dike hat dhukiye ota dhore tante laglo.Kintu ota beruchche na.Juketa tar gude ordhek dhuke geche.She voy peye khado khado golay bollo,”Bhaiya ota amar vitore dhuke jachche.” Ami nije dhore tanlam kinto,beruchche na.She ota dhore rekhe amake bollo,”Tumi amar pant khule felo.” Ami oke pajakulo kore niye boro gacher niche shuiye diye,pant khule oke nengto korlam.O shudhu chutto jama ta pore ache.She du pa choriye. Her sleek curves were a sharp contrast to my lush ones. No tan lines marred her perfection. I nearly stopped breathing, when she bent over to put the plug in the bathtub. Her bare ass was high in the air, and with her legs parted, the lips of her pussy split, showing off her rosy pink slit. “Damn…I need to get laid,” I thought to myself, as my pussy hummed with need. Cissy looked back at me, and said, “What?” “Huh? Oh…nothing. I was staring off into space,” I mumbled. “If you say so…,” she.

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