I could tell he had watched me appreciatively as I had risen, my full, firm figure cutting quite a spectacle amongst the other sparse populants of the...beach, whom were mostly older and middle aged. I smiled provocatively as I approached him on his beach towel, still with the book lolling lazily in his hands, and stretched and pushed my hair back in the sun before him. Behind us, an older couple, just arriving on the beach, were removing their windbreakers and casting disapproving frowns in my. I wished no one saw the wet spot on my jeans. I was looking at him and he was looking at his watch. He was handsome, no mustache and had red lips. I thought, he must have used a lipstick. He was average not a greek god but I wasn’t interested in his body, his dick already enchanted me and all I need is only a signal to go on my knees and suck him. He introduced me and we exchanged our number and few courtesy questions. Ugh, now he is not a stranger, he said he was attracted to my butt and he. Nothing good could come from this situation. He spoke up again, asking them what he was doing there. Ifit was money they wanted, he said, he would give them allthat he had with him and even write a check for more. All hewanted was to be able to leave. After the three of them finishedlaughing at Tom’s naivety, Rudy told Tom that if there wasto be a happy ending, if he complied with the program theyhad in mind, he would be able to leave in two or three days.That would all depend on his. It was so long ago that I was almost positive I had hair, I thought, as I smiled to myself and ran my fingers across the shaven dome I sport these days.As I walked into the coffeehouse there was a sign reading "OPEN MIC NIGHT TONIGHT! BRING AN INSTRUMENT, A SONG AND HAVE A LOT OF FUN!" Another smile crossed my face as I read the sign, amused that my return to this place mirrored the last time I had set foot inside, except now I was just a random audience member waiting to be entertained.As I.

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