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You used your tongue and reamed my arsehole in a way it’s never been touched before and, using the anal probe vibrator on me, you filled me and as y...u moved it in and out of me you wanked my cock. Wonderful! You moved to lie next to me and I buried my face between your thighs as you took my cock into your mouth once more. I loved the way you rolled your tongue around the head of my cock and sucked hard so that it filled your hot mouth. While you gave me such immense pleasure I was busy. About that time, the band started a new song, one of their rare slow ones, so I asked Kayla to dance with me and the other three couples all got up as well. Once out in the middle of the crowded dance floor, Kayla and I intertwined our arms, squeezing bodies together, and cheek-to-cheek, began moving to the music. It wasn’t long before the cheek-to-cheek had changed to lip-to-lip, then tongue-to-tongue. Moving to the music had been forgotten.Kayla broke away and turned away, backing into me,. I kept both of us supported, wanting the black stud, whose cock wasstill deep inside me to stay buried deeply in me for as long as he wanted.Jay's breathing finally slowed to normal and he raised himself upwards. Icould feel the back of my shirt soaked by both his sweat and my own as thecool air hit it. Jay's cock slid out of me, leaving me feeling empty andstrangely incomplete. I wondered for a brief second if I could call out toTodd. Call him in and have him fuck me. The reality of what I. We had a 2 day programme of staying there. The incident happened on the first night. There was a room which was made ready for us to sleep. It was a double cot. Next to it was a single coat also. I was very free with my SIL when coming to discussion about sex. So that night I asked her to join in our room on the single cot. We got ready to go to bed. The single cot was next to my side. As usual me and my wife and SIL started the discussions of common topics and later ended up in sex and first.

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