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He knew that it was a clue to Branch's new identity.They continued following the direction of the cell phone signal until they reached a remote corner...of the ranch. Caleb held everyone back from the abandoned line shack the cell signal was coming from. He didn't believe for a second that Branch had simply left the phone to be found.The bomb squad found two booby-traps, each of which had enough explosives to kill anyone within fifty yards. Caleb was thankful that he had been cautious. His. ..I freed her from the spreader bar, then forced her to her knees, and with my hand in her hair, forced her to look at the contents of her bucket. "Take a look and tell me what you see," I demanded.She wasn't quite sure what I meant since she said, "It is the mess that came out of Stephanie, Master." Try again. WHAT is it?"She got it right this time. "It is my shit, Master. And water." I let go of her hair, then stooped to look in her face. "A cunt is correct. It is shit. It is a. Slow, sensual music played in the background as she strolled tothe center of the room and began to dance. Her movements were fluid,deliberate, obviously designed to excite. I watched, truly becoming aslut in heat as her lush body strained against the fabric of her dress. Ihungered to see more of her. I stared intently as shecame forward, stopped maybe three feet in front of me and began slowly raisingthe hem of her dress. The dress rose past the tops of her sheer blackstockings and. As Jason made their drinks, the girls talked quietly about graduation and how they couldn't believe it was finally over. They downed their drinks and headed to the living room which was cleared out for the "dance floor." Kara grabbed Allie's hand and pulled her close to her and began grinding the taller girl's leg. Allie was soon in rhythm with Kara as they danced. Although both girls were gorgeous, neither had a boyfriend. They had discovered their standards were too high for the typical high.

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