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" Yes, you can, Tina. The knee highs are thick enough to look like theshoe and your pants will cover your foot anyway. I thought you sat at adesk all ...ay? No one will see then, will they?"I grunted again. I put the shoes on and stood up. The heels were ok andshe was right about the pants covering my feet. They were quite wide, ina way that men's pants aren't usually; normally, I would have beenconcerned about that, but I was glad that they at least hid my feet.I looked at myself in the mirror.. The beach has an undeniably creepy edge to it thanks to the long, deceptive shadows cast by the pale light of the moon. Your lantern provides a thin line of defense against the encroaching darkness, but only seems to deepen the inky shadows cast by craggy rocks and jetsam washed ashore by ships from decades past.The nocturnal cry of some avian creature brings your attention to the treeline not far from where you stand. Thick, cloying tropical trees droop menacingly, concealing whatever lies. Can you suck on your nipples for daddy?”She grinned, cupped her tits and pulled them toward her mouth. Her little pink tongue, so much like a cat’s, slid from between her glossy lips. Her body jerked as she swiped it across the swollen tip.“Oh,” she moaned. “Never done that before. That’s fun!”She attacked both her tits, one after the other, with gusto. She was like a kid with a new toy. Her hips were undulating, thrusting against air, as she grew more and more aroused with her own. It was repeated many times and it seemed to be coming my way. Then, I saw blond hair and blue eyes, barely taller than the low table. The energy of her body and her sing-song composition stopped. She looked at me. Her eyes widened. She smiled. She yanked Athenas hand. That one! She tugged again. Mommy! That one! LISTEN! Athena turned to her daughter. What? That one! Thats the one. That face! That one right there! she said while pointing at me and glaring at me the entire time. Athena laughed..

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