Later, I pushed her aside and went to the washroom for a shower. As I turned on the shower, I saw her entering the bathroom. Preet was wearing her bla...k pantie. White body and black pantie are one of my best turn-ons. I saw her and she walked inside the shower cubicle.Preet: Why is my baby showering alone, let me help you.Without even listening to my reply, she came inside the water and started to massage my chest and back.I went on my knees and took her underwear off with my teeth. I gave a. I'm feeling insatiable! You raise me up to a reclined position in order to unclasp my bra in the back and proceed to slowly remove it. When my large, full breasts are exposed to the cool air, my nipples instantly harden. I develop goosebumps everywhere and shudder a bit. "Are you cold, my darling?" you ask, a look of concern in your face. "A bit, but we'll need the cool air for the amount of heat we're about to produce," I reply with a wink. With an excited groan you almost roughly lie me back. Until moment, it had not occurred to me that Michael would need some relief himself now. And he would expect me to provide it. “I need some help here Kelsey,” he said as he stepped out of his gym shorts and boxers. As Michael pulled his shirt over his head, his erection bobbed up and down beaconing me.He stood before me, completely naked. And he did look sexy. God, he had a nicely muscular body. I knew I had to help him. I knew I owed my stepbrother his release. I wanted to do this for him. I. I made her sit on the brink of the bed and spread her legs. She had dark pussy lips and very neat and tidy. It was all dripping wet and was shining. She anticipated what was coming and started breathing heavily. I teased her by showing by tongue out and making a licking action. She then got so excited, she almost said it out loud, ‘bustard, just lick it, eat my pussy. Oh it’s so long now, put ur tongue inside me.’ I widened my mouth and tried eating her pussy. I very slowly licked her wet pussy.

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