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"Fill me with your gorgeous thick cum, let me feel it shooting into my bowels". With this Tony pounded into me even harder and faster. Jay had taken K...tie's place, kneeling above me and lowered his shaven black balls to my mouth. "Suck them slut, make me as hard as I can be, you'd better hope Tony's cock gets you ready for what I'm going to do to you", said Jay, almost choking me as I sucked first one of his balls then the other. Katie was still watching, her finger still stimulating her clit. ” Suzi sighed. “You’re right,” she murmured, “But it does seem a shame to cover that gorgeous body up.” Helen grinned. “Don’t worry, you can have the pleasure of uncovering it again later.” She kissed Suzi gently on the lips. “Now what am I wearing?” Suzi was suddenly practical. “Your stuff is still in the machine, I forgot to take it out last night… I can’t imagine why. Anyway, I think these will fit. I’ll put your stuff in the dryer and it will be done by the time we get back.” Helen. She does as I told her too replying “YES Master”. I open the cupboard and get a pint glass, fill it up with water and tell her to drink up! Again she follows and finishes the glass, as soon as she hands it back to me I fill it up again and hand it back to her as she stares at me confused. “Drink up” I demand and she starts putting her glass to her lips. I grab her by her hair and pull it backwards, looking into her eyes, questioning her behavior. “Sorry, YES MASTER” she quickly replies and. It was really uncomfortable at first, but I’ve gotten used to it. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘good’, but I don’t hate it,” he said, looking at the floor the entire time.Stacey just smiled seductively. “Yeah, it gets like that”.They all reached for their drinks as one, and went back to the game. When Stacey had finished her dare of walking down to the mailbox naked, she came back inside shivering, then looked at Andy and asked “truth or dare”, and got “dare” in response. Matt wondered why she chose.

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