She paused at my inner thigh and reached for my cock. “No hands!” I said, and she pulled her hand away, and smiled up at me. She said “That’... good, tell me if I do anything wrong. Punish me if I really screw up”.She put her hands behind her back and brought her lips down to my thigh. She brushed my thigh with her lips and tongue, then the same ever so lightly on my balls as she made her way to the other thigh. She planted a big wet kiss on my left thigh and another, and another making a line. The bitch’s owner brought her dog into the back yard. “Time to get fucked, Princess!” she said. Claire’s father released Duke. He ran to his date. They sniffed each other. Duke sniffed the air, smelling her heat. The bitch presented herself to Duke. Duke sat down and waited.“Go get her, Duke!” Doug Davis said.“Maybe your dog is too immature to mate,” Princess’s owner smirk.“Maybe you’re right,” Doug said. “He’s never gotten laid before.”Claire smiled.“Here, let me help, Dad. He’s just a little. The next day I struggled to act normal in front of my wife and when I checked my email that evening I was surprised to see that my inbox had several messages from Steve. I didn’t want to read them but curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look. I didn’t like what I saw.The message read as follows:Dear FuckboySo how did it feel to act out your fantasy? You got a bit more than you bargained for didn’t you? Well theres plenty more to come. As you know I have in my possession several. Ed and Linda will be here in about a half hour," she said and then left the room.I was sure that something was bothering Susan but I had no idea what it might be. I quickly washed up and changed. I went back downstairs and found Susan fixing some snacks. When I entered the kitchen she looked up at me as though she was again waiting for me to say something."Is something bothering you?" I asked."No. Should there be?" I don't think so but you keep looking at me as if I smelled like dog shit." I.

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