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I thought I had masturbated last night and kept my short open. Anyway I got up from the bed and quickly had my short and went to bathroom and was read... at the breakfast table Everything seemed to be common and was relieved of my fear that somebody might have seen me naked. I talked to everybody and went to my room and was busy with my studies then came Roma and started talking to me, we had some discussions till 15 minutes and she suddenly asked me “do u have any girl friend” I said “yes” she. .. hi," she said."Never seen you here this late," Rhonda said, stopping behind her, delaying the trip to her own locker."Oh, I know, just decided to work out late today is all." The brunette managed a soft smile, and looked back at Rhonda as she draped a towel over her upper body.Rhonda took a step closer. "You don't have to cover up. Girl, you have nice body." Rhonda stroked Michelle's long, silky hair slowly."Oh... ummm... th-thanks," the brunette stammered.Rhonda smiled at the other girl's. She was in the buff, I realized. But that was the way she'd always slept at night, even when we were children. Still, it made me feel better knowing that she was already stripped. It would make fucking her so much easier. I was nude myself, except for the dark cotton bathrobe that hung open over my slender, mahogany shoulders. Thankfully Mom and Dad were all the way upstairs, fast asleep in their bed. And it had appeared that Dad had left the television on again, blaring, muting the sounds of. Me: so what should I pay you? Priya:2000 pm & separate for your personal works is that k sir….Ok then start your work from tomorrow I said and moved to my office. Swathi came and she asked about the maid which she sent in the morning. I said that she was good and demanded 2k for month and also something that personal works she charges separate that I couldn’t understand then swathi smiled and said that your lucky enough to get such a maid… here the story follows. Daily priya used to come in the.

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