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Although it was deliberate, I tried to sound like it was genuine mistake and pretended to be very sorry that it happened. “Oh, I am sorry, man. How ...illy of me! Oh my God! I got you all wet”, I urged. “Oh.. it’s ok.. it will dry off.”, he said but not much happily. “No no. let me help. Why don’t you take off your shirt? I will put it in the dryer and It will come out dry like before in 10 min, while you show me the demo on your laptop”, I offered. He was reluctant but I insisted over and over. I probably should have kept that to myself..." Well, I suppose I brought it up in the first place..." Yes, but I shouldn't be repeating those kind of stories to people I've only just met." No, but... You haven't repeated anything. Yet."Her tone of voice as she said "Yet" gave me every indication that she wanted to hear more.We had arrived back at the office. “Well, I suppose I could tell you more about dogging...” I said."I want to hear all about it! Can I meet you for a coffee after work?". I layed my head back and enjoyed it as she bobbed up and down on my dick and I could feel her tongue caressing my dick in her mouth she got on her knees in fornt of me and continued ans she pulled my pants down. I was in heaven and loving every second. I love to please and wanted to return the the favor so I pulled her up and we both stood In fro t of the couch I kissed her and guided her onto the couch then broke the kiss so I could pull her tights down to her ankles. I then pushed her legs. As she got off the bed she d**g me close to edge. Gathering up my pillows she put them under my back and continued to stroke my cock harder. She suddenly stopped and smack me right in the chest, turned around and walked away. She went back into her bag and retrieved a bottle of lube. She lubed up my cock and start rubbing up and down on my dick and balls. Every rub down she would drag a finger closer to my ass. And I would moan wanting her to finger my ass. She grabbed my cock and balls in a.

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