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Russ shrugged. "I don't know."Bob frowned. "I think this has gone far enough. We're about to start a fight." No we're not," Carolyn said. "We're havin... an adult discussion."Bob snorted."I'll bet you," Carolyn continued, "that I can keep Russ busy enough that he wouldn't get pissed off." Carolyn," Bob said, somewhat more subdued, "this is making everybody uncomfortable?" Oh, come off it, Tiger. You want her, too. Be a man. Confess."Bob looked across the table at me. He smiled gingerly. Then he. Then it had only taken one opportunistic bastard like Stickitinher to take advantage of her naiveté to destroy her life and with it her loving husband's. Or should that be destroy her husband's life and with it hers. For the present the foolish bitch thought she was riding a wave - but all waves break!Even a man in the throes of possessive jealousy could see the problem with this metaphor: waves break on the shore while he believed that he wanted to be the shore on which she could rest - for. This is going to be a great weekend! But Javon wants me getting 'mentally ready' for our time together, so he told me nothing physical tonight. So sorry, no kissing.”“You're not kidding, are you?”She took my hands in hers, but kept me at a distance. “Oh Jack, honey, can't you just let me really get into this time with Javon and enjoy it fully. I don't want to hold back at all. It's going to be over in just a few days, so surely you can stand not being physical with me for that long. Besides, if. In my country, people call lesbianism ‘supi’. To the best of my knowledge, supi is not a word derived form any native Ghanaian language. It appears to be a slang word which was coined somewhere along the line. I have not done any specific research on the origins of the word ‘supi’ and so this is mere conjecture; but I would guesstimate that it was coined in the 1900s & probably the latter part of that century rather than the earlier?Anyway, I was researching online for my PhD thesis proposal.

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