We came up with a plan in the end, and the date was set by her, with a casual “Saturday, will do!” she even supervising Dennis and I digging her o...n grave precisely where she wished it to be, setting the depth saying she didn’t want any coffin, or shroud, she was to be naked and laid on a favourite blanket and pillow and covered before the Sunday morning, the turf back in place as if she had never walked here… It was clinical, and it was cold factual stuff, she, nursing us, rather than us. My mouth was getting lock-jaw. i slowly eased my way up her body til the tip of my cock was knocking on her pussy door. my precum juices made it easy to slide all the way in and i just stayed there motionless. i could feel her pussy muscles gripping me as i got even harder. god, i so wanted to ram in and out of her and fill her up. soon after, i lifted her leg up high so i could make my balls slap against her ass. she told me not to cum as she wanted to feel me unload into her mouth. who was i. "Stand up." Harley ordered the man. He jerked Stanley upright."Ellie, Pull his suspenders off his shoulders and unbutton his pants. This seems to be a walking arsenal we have here. Now don't be shy, just do as I say. Unbutton his shirt too."Ellie acted skittish; but she obeyed. As he stood in his underwear, Stanley seemed even more threatening. He had a throwing knife strapped to the back of one leg and a small twenty-two caliber derringer near his crotch. Ellie forgot her prudishness and. His right hand jammed the lit Cuban into the Cuban's throat. He covered his victim's mouth. He pulled the sentry's head back. The knife cut true. The knife cut deep. Max cleaned his weapon on the dieing Cuban's clothes.Max held still for several minuets and listened to the night. Only when he was sure no alarm had been generated he motioned Maria forward.Inside the compound mansion.Jessie and Sarah sat on the couch as they waited for the Cuban guard to retrieve the prisoner. "I've been.

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